What Technologies to Learn For iPhone App Development?

The iPhone app development is a completely versatile field where you need proficient developers. The iPhone applications are completely sophisticated and need quality above everything. The applications on the app store are verified by the experts before allowing it to be published in the app store. The applications on the app store belong from different categories that range from games, entertainment, educational, business, and other sectors. Each applications belonging to these categories are differently developed which requires extensive knowledge and skills.

iPhone App Development

The students that are graduating from colleges are trying to learn the art of iPhone app development. There are basically two technologies to learn if you want to develop an iPhone application and those are Objective C and Swift which are currently in use in the market. Apart from the development language, there are many frameworks and logic that the students need to understand to face the challenges of iPhone app development. Here is a detailed look at the technologies that you need to learn for efficient iPhone app development.

Objective C

The Objective C is a development language that has been the beginning of the iPhone app development. This is loosely based on the C language. As it was derived from C language, the developers at Apple made many enhancements to Objective C which gave the app developers object-situated capabilities and dynamic runtime on applications. The Objective C was the face of iPhone application line up during the dawn of mobile applications. But this fame was short-lived as new players emerged in the game of iPhone app development.


Swift was the latest addition to the Apple’s iOS development technology program. It is comparatively new compared to other development language and obviously Objective C. It was first introduced to developers in 2014 which expanded on the best features of C language and Objective C. Swift was more advanced than its counterpart Objective C in terms of runtime, framework compatibility, flexibility, etc.

iOS libraries

There are many libraries in the iOS development platform that provides the developers with tools that can help the developer enhance the development of the iPhone application. These libraries are available in the Xcode IDE that is used to develop the iPhone application. Most of these libraries are free which can be downloaded for the development of iOS apps. AFNetworking, SDWebImage, Alamofire, Masonry, etc are some of the prominent libraries that can be used to develop iPhone applications.

Designing tools

In an iPhone application, the design is a significant part that defines the quality of the iPhone applications. There are many tools that are used by several developers for designing their application according to the preference of the clients and users. If you seek training in iPhone app development then there are only a few training centers that will teach you how to design your app such as the Vrinsoft training center, a specialist in iPhone Training in Ahmedabad.

Hence here are the technologies that you should learn if you wish to develop iPhone applications. The businesses that look for an iPhone application for their business also look for a proficient developer for their application. Hence the above-mentioned technologies can help you get a great grip on the iPhone app development sector.


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