What Is The Best Career Choice? Ultimate Showdown – Android Development Vs iPhone Development

The mobile app development sector is constantly evolving with the help of latest technologies. Two such mobile platforms that are evolving are Android and iPhone. Both of these platforms are making strides in attracting users. This has made both these platforms the most adapted platforms in the world.

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The Android and iPhone have made a competitive environment in providing the best services to their users. The latest versions of the respective platforms have made many innovative changes in the system that has made many development companies change their app development style. This phenomenon has created many chances for developers to join the league. Hence the mobile app development has regained the requirement of mobile app developers in the industry.

This has created a conundrum for fresher students regarding the choice that they should make. The Android and iPhone both are lucrative fields which has a greater potential in the field of information technology. However, you can only choose one field and therefore we have listed a few points and facts regarding the respective platforms that can help you make a calculated choice for yourself.

iOS App Development

The iOS and iPhone applications are high-end applications which are recognized for the quality and dedicated services. Apple has made no compromise in making sure that the quality is being upheld in every application that is introduced in the app store. Hence the iOS app developer should have an eye for details and quality.

Required Skill Set – The iOS app development requires a comprehensive skill set in the development language of Objective C and Swift. There are many tools and frameworks that you should have knowledge of that can make the development easier for you. For a good design, you need a vision in 2D and 3D spatial reasoning.

Global Demand – The iPhone has a grip on the international US market which is a sophisticated user base. Hence to satisfy such users a great team of skilled individuals is required. A global demand for skilled iPhone app developers is hence put forth.

Salary Growth – As a fresher, the salary will be nominal and as the experience of the developer increases the salary will increase. Hence the salary growth of iPhone developer is high but it completely depends on the developer’s experience.

Android App Development

The Android platform has the largest user base in the world. Out of 5 devices, 3 devices run on the Android platform in the world. This is the gold mine of the user which can be influenced by proper Android applications. Hence there is a huge demand for skillful Android app developers. Here are some points that student Android app developers should take care of.

Required Skill Set – The Android app developers are required to have a stronghold in Java language which is the heartbeat of any Android applications. And for the database solutions, you have to learn SQL. You should be comfortable with the concepts of loops, lists, variables, and control structures which will ease the development process for you.

Global Demand – The Android platform is the doorway to the world and the businesses targeting a vast base of users need to have an Android application. Apart from a few countries, all the major countries have a strong Android user base.

Salary Growth – Android does have an attractive salary package that has attracted many developers over the years. But just like iPhone Android app developers are paid less at a fresher point. But based on their performance and experience they can see significant growth in their salary package.

The Verdict

Both the platforms have many features and perks that other doesn’t have. Android and iPhone have good career prospect that can only be made fruitful by practice and experience with proficiency. Android and iPhone platforms are completely different and versatile that needs proficient developers to complete the job. Hence there is no definite answer to the Android Vs iPhone app development but the decision can be based on the interest of the developer.

Summing Up

The career decision should be made based on the interests of the individual. If you don’t know anything about mobile app development then there are many training centers that provide services like corporate development training, professional training, and Final Year Project Training in Ahmedabad. If you are a student looking for a career prospect then both Android and iPhone app development are the optimal choice. But the decision should be based on your interest.


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